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[Excerpts from Sobre el hombre (On Man), Xavier Zubiri, Madrid, 1986.
Birth, pp. 554-563; The Irreal, pp. 643-657; Chapter 11, Conclusion, pp. 673-676; Contents, pp. 705-709]

ON MAN by Xavier Zubiri


The subject of man has always been and continues to be of permanent philosophical interest. Every philosopher has to face it sooner or later at one moment in his life. For the Spanish philosopher Xavier Zubiri (1898-1983), the subject of man was an object of investigation and study that lasted for over fifty years. The fruit of those labors were several works published during his lifetime, namely, El problema del hombre (The Problem of Man, 1959), El hombre, realidad personal (Man, Personal Reality, 1963), El origen del hombre (The Origin of Man, 1964), El hombre y su cuerpo (Man and His Body, 1973), and several thousand manuscript pages still unpublished today in 1986. The present work offers some, not all, but at least the most important of the unpublished manuscripts of Zubiri concerning man. Despite the peculiar character in some measure of the text, it is the case of a work that is coherent and systematic, which greatly enriches the intellectual panorama opened by his previous works such as Sobre la esencia (On Essence, 1962), the three volumes of Inteligencia sentiente (Sentient Intelligence, 1980-1983), and El hombre y Dios (Man and God, 1984). The set of these works reformulates from a new perspective the most important subjects of philosophy: reality, intelligence, man, and God. Very few times has the human mind attempted to penetrate in a most meticulous manner the tangle of problems that badger man, and also very few times it has been able to provide answers that are quite keen and original.



Translated by Joaquín A. Redondo, M.E., M.A. (Phil.)

(From the Spanish edition of Sobre el Hombre,
Alianza Editorial, Madrid, 1986)

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to the pagination of the above Spanish edition, 1986)