Evolution and Intelligent Design
Most of the time the only reason for choosing "evolution" over "intelligent design" is political will, not intelligence.

No laboratory in the world has ever provided physical evidence for “evolution” that could be measured. Evolution has never been shown to be physically "there" in any laboratory as “something” that “causes” changes. Causality, as “causality” cannot be physically measured in the laboratory. Who has ever found by experiment that evolution, as “evolution” is a constant mathematical coefficient in existing matter?

On the other hand, “intelligent design” is evidently present in the laboratories everywhere, because it is simply the measured physical interactions and relations between physical things under controlled circumstances. That is precisely what science is supposed to do. Measure the changes of real things and formulate coherent intellectual mathematical models, nothing else. Those formulations are the result of intellectual relationships based on reality and serve engineers for the “design” and production of new and better real products. Not of “designed” products for the mind only like “evolution.”

Chemicals and Life
Some laboratories have produced proteins and amino acids from simpler chemicals found in non-organic nature. These have been called “building blocks of life” by some scientists because they are found to be the type of organic chemicals found in all living organisms.
However, a curious type of syllogism has surfaced in the minds of some politicians.
1. All “life” is composed of “building blocks”.
2. But laboratories have produced the “building blocks”.
3. Therefore, “life” has been produced in laboratories.
Not quite, because “building blocks” is not what we find in nature, what we find are actual “living organisms”. Not one of them created in a laboratory. As a matter of fact, no laboratory has even produced many of the more advanced human “building blocks”.